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        Analysis of the advantages of plastic steel doors
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        The plastic steel door is made of high quality rigid polyethylene PVC profile as the main raw material, hard steel built in, and processed by mechanical equipment cutting, hot welding, stamping and handmaking. The reason why the plastic steel doors have been favored by many people, mainly because it has the advantages of wooden doors and aluminum alloy doors that can not be compared.

        Corrosion protection: wood doors and aluminum alloy doors are vulnerable to erosion by acids, alkalis, salts and waste gases, causing wooden doors to fade, yellowing, paint, stain and decay, making aluminum alloy doors oxidized and rusty. However, the plastic steel doors are not affected by any of the above materials, and are suitable for use in various natural environments. Even dirty, can use any cleaning agent, very easy to clean.

        Proof: because the kitchen and bathroom are often in wet conditions, the doors will inevitably be affected with damp, swelling, deformation, decay, and the steel door has obvious moistureproof characteristics, composition and stability, aging resistance, no deformation, long service life of 30 years; at this point, are easily affected by the rainy season in Zhejiang area the steel door, moisture-proof function is particularly prominent.

        Environmental protection: wood doors generally need to use paint veneers, paints and synthetic wood boards, remaining a large number of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, endangering health. The plastic steel door is a new generation of environmental protection products because of its non-toxic and no other harmful substances.

        Fire protection: relative to wood door (especially after painting), it is characterized by fire, flammability and combustion supporting, while plastic steel door has self extinguishing, flame-retardant and fireproof properties.

        Sound insulation: toilet toilet flush shower, kitchen cooking motor sound, sound and lampblack machine, a noise source, a disturbance to the other rooms quiet. With its unique grid or lattice structure and tight joint, the plastic steel door has better sound insulation than wooden doors, especially aluminum alloy doors.

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